Fishery & Vessel

Operating out of Cape Town, South Africa, the MFV Rigel 4 fishes off the south east coast of South Africa, targeting South Coast Rock Lobster (species: Palinurus gilchristi).

Forty three meters in length, with a crew of 32, the vessel carries 4,200 traps, fishing an average of 2,100 traps per day. Fishing predominately occurs between water depths of 100 – 200 meters, with each set of traps soaking for 24-48 hours. Voyages last between 30-40 days, fishing throughout the year, with best catches recorded during the summer months.

Once caught the lobster are immediately processed onboard, packed into the final export carton and blast frozen to -20°C. The vessel operates under strict HACCP guidelines to maintain the supreme quality, naturally firm texture and unique flavour which have become synonymous with Spiny Cold Water South Coast Rock Lobster.