Our Story

The shareholder of Ruwekus Fishing (Pty) Ltd are comprised of Arniston Fish Processors (Pty) Ltd, Bluefin Fishing Enterprises CC, Imbumba Fishing CC, Pioneer Fishing (West Coast) (Pty) Ltd and The Community Trust on Fisheries.

Board of Directors: Joy Grey (Chairperson), Trevor Grey, Nathan Chetty, Sharon Chetty, Towfiek Fakier, Andrew Durrheim, Pieter Greef, Nomkhitha Mfono, Mlamli Nodada

In early 2000, these four companies pooled their South African South Coast Rock Lobster fishing rights and resources and formed Ruwekus Fishing (Pty) Ltd. The final consolidation of Ruwekus Fishing (Pty) Ltd was completed in 2008, when the four companies transferred their long term fishing rights and interests to the company.

The company fishing vessel, the MFV Rigel 4, was purchased and equipped for longline trap fishing in the deep waters off the south east coast of South Africa. The vessel’s experienced and dedicated South African crew fish throughout the year, processing and freezing onboard the company’s annual production of 150,000lbs of Rigel Brand wild caught, Spiny Cold Water South Coast Rock Lobster tails and whole raw frozen product.

Ruwekus Fishing (Pty) Ltd is proud of its achievements, superior brand, integrity and commitment to the transformation of the South African fishing industry, which is reflected through its shareholders and the professional fishermen of the MFV Rigel 4.

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